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Decor Trends that will define 2018

Your home is more than just a space you come back to. It is a place of comfort, a place where you forget all your worries, and a little piece of earth that you can call your very own. The exterior of the home reflects the owner’s perception of it while the interior reflects the owner’s soul and personality.

Each year, decor and interior trends change, and it is important for dynamic home owners to stay updated with the same. While 2017 was ruled by jewel tones, ceruse wood and marble countertops; the interior design trend for 2018 seems to be dominated by and eclectic design choices. Give your abode a makeover by getting rid of the decorating trends that are out. Given 2018 home decorating trends that will rule the roost.

Choose a combination of materials which are budget friendly, but at the same time appear luxurious. Following are just a few pointers that can help you decorate your space. These interior design trend predictions of 2018, have been chosen by Deepen Dighe, Founder and Principal Architect of Deepen Dighe & Associates.

Hardwood elements:

Pure wood furniture helps add a luxurious feel to the space. Hardwood furniture is now readily available in furniture stores. Contrast it with coloured upholstery to create a luxurious statement. The doors should be, dark brown or black, which can give the room an expensive vibe.

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Entryway design:

Create a focal point to guide your guests through the entry passage. Decorate the focal point with contrasting materials. Prefer floor to ceiling, full height curtains. They add a premium feel and visually increase the height of the room.

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To keep your home decor 2018, ready; plan your lights beforehand. Proper lighting enhances the space. Focus spotlights on walls to provide indirect lighting. Accessorize the space and invest in some artifacts which will define your personal character in the room.

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High Contrast Palettes:

2018, is likely to be a year of vibrancy and dynamism. The use of a bold colour to highlight a certain element in the space can add your own touch of personality to it. A typical example would be to choose a shade of green to highlight the contrast with the earthy tones of the furniture.

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Natural Elements:

Use of heavy stone in the interiors will make a comeback in 2018. Stone is easy to maintain and provides character to the interior design. Since each stone slab is different, it helps in providing uniqueness to the interior design.

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Bold Patterns:

Use of bold and large floral patterns in upholstery is a new trend. Accent your single tone sofa with large floral cotton cushion covers. Cotton covers are easy to clean and easy on the pocket. Floral self-embroidered sheer curtains add character to the room and provide a luxurious feel.

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Brass in Design:

India has a rich history of brass handicraft. Eg. Dokhra work of UP. Use brass artifacts to highlight corners of the rooms. Use brass handles to make a furniture piece interesting. Use brass faucets in bathrooms to provide contrast with the pure white sink.

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Guest Blog by Deepen Dighe


Deepen Dighe

B.Arch, Sir J.J. College of Architecture, Mumbai, India

M.Arch, Texas A & M University, USA

Deepen Dighe is the Founder and Principal Architect at Deepen Dighe & Associates, with an experience of over 9 years in Residential and Commercial Architecture and Interior Design. After graduating from Sir J.J. College of Architecture in 2008, with a Bachelor of Architecture degree, he has worked on multiple Luxury Villa projects of Sahara Aambey Valley. Then he went on to pursue his Master of Architecture Degree from Texas A & M University, U.S.A. Some of his notable works include, Villas at Wagholi Residential Township developed by Panchshil Developers, Pune and Agarwal Residence at Sahara Ambey Valley for Kasturi Developers, Pune.

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