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Trident Holdings and Capital, part of the real estate management investment platform of Rachana Lifespaces, is focused on offering strategic investment opportunities across all asset classes. Finding the right investment opportunity is about creating solutions customized to the needs of your portfolio. Trident Holdings and Capital seeks to help investors meet their objectives through tailored portfolio construction and implementation. We provide our investors access to a range of opportunities across private equity and private real estate. Our business offerings include primary, secondary & co-investments, comingled funds and separately managed accounts.

In partnership with leading institutional investors via Build-to-Core and Core strategies, we invest thematically into a variety of investment options ranging from company stocks, bonds, as well as shares.

With investing in high-quality assets, where we see outsized growth potential driven by global economic and demographic trends, we offer opportunities for long-term income and capital appreciation. 



Trident Holdings and Capital investments are geographically dispersed across the highest-opportunity Domestic and International markets. We focus on assets classes ranging from, but not limited to, Equity Funds, Debt Funds, Hybrid Funds and International FOFs.

As an asset class, equities have the potential to generate higher returns over the long term, and hence play an important part in your investment portfolio. In addition, mutual funds are not just about equities that provide growth; it is also about bringing stability to your investment portfolio with investing in debt funds. Trident, as part of our mutual fund scheme, focuses on investing in fixed income instruments, such as bonds, corporate debt securities and money market instruments, which are less volatile compared to equities.

Additionally, to avoid the concentration risk in your investment portfolio, we focus on Hybrid Funds, wherein we invest in both debt and equity instruments to achieve diversification. As a part of our investment strategy, Trident aims to achieve wealth appreciation in the long-run and generate income in the short-run via a balanced portfolio.

Trident Holdings and Capital focus on opportunities accessed in the market by our long-tenured acquisition and asset management professionals. Our current operating partnerships portfolio spans multiple industries, with each company being strategically guided by its owner-managers.


Capitalizing on Rachana Lifespaces experience in real estate for over 30 years, Trident Holdings and Capitals and its affiliates have been implementing value-add investment strategies in partnership with leading global investment partners, generating attractive returns across market cycles. With a proven track record of investing in key markets across the nation, our focus on cash-yielding, lower-volatility property types, and prudent financing structures have generated attractive investment returns across market cycles.


Excellence requires a hands-on approach plus a deep understanding of the basic trends that drive markets. We rely on time-tested disciplines to manage portfolios, acquire properties, structure debt investments, and plan the performance of each asset. The knowledge shared across our national platform enables us to identify markets with strong potential as well as investments with solid fundamentals. Our approach leverages the skills of property specialists who understand their competition and their tenants.

We seek to utilize our expertise and presence to generate attractive returns for our investors in any environment, and to make a positive impact on the communities in which we invest.